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Your Document Controllers Need These Features

Your document controllers will appreciate the way the below features streamline their day. Document control means different things to different people. Check out this blog What Is Document Control to learn more about controlling access to your documents and files.

Your Document Controllers Need These Features

Document and drawing templates control

Tina5s manages, controls and always serves up the latest forms and templates that your team needs when creating new engineering documents.

Automated document numbering system

Tina5s takes care of generating, assigning and controlling unique document numbers for all your newly created engineering information. You define the numbering schemas and Tina5s takes care of the rest.

Automated Document Numbering
Automated Field Mapping

Automated Field Mapping

Tina5s maintains properties information about each of your documents which is automatically transcribed to the header, footer and title block of your document files. This takes the pain out of the release process and ensures that print copies always reflect the latest title and version information.

Controlled document distribution

Tina5s always serves up the latest version of every document to your engineering team. Tina5s also allows you to track where all your controlled paper and electronic copies are and allows you to attach pdf and other file format renditions to native files removing ambiguities and minimizing the risk of the wrong version being used.

Controlled Distribution
Bulk Actions

Bulk document processing

Use Tina5s to quickly upload large batches of files that you receive from your customers, vendors and sub-contractors. You can also bulk release multiple documents, update properties and share batches of documents quickly and easily.

Transmittal of Documents

Streamline your transmittal process by using Tina5s to create collections of engineering information as it is being authored. Use Tina5s to quickly create a transmittal record and deliver the engineering documents your customers, vendors and sub-contractors require.

Transmittal Management