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Rich Search Features

How long does your project team spend just looking for the information they need to get their work done? Studies show that it could be as high as an hour a day for every engineer on your team. Tina5s' rich search features make finding documents and files easy cutting search times to just seconds. Improved project team productivity simplifies project cost control – see How to Improve Engineering Project Control for more insight.

Organize your files in your personal folders

File folders enable personalized search

In Tina5s, you can build and evolve your own personal file folder structure and link the files you are working on, or refer to often, to any folder you wish – kind of like website bookmarks in your browser. Use folder names that make sense to you, organize them the way you want them and you’ll quickly find the files that are important to you today.

Content search and metadata search

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find documents and files in Tina5s is to type your search term into the search pane – just like a Google search. You can search based on information about the document (its metadata) or you can search based on its content.

Easy Google like search
Deeper search capabilities

Advanced search function

If you’re looking for an engineering report but can’t remember it’s title, but you know who created it and that it was released last month, no problem. Tina5s allows you to build detailed search queries based on the information you know so you can find the documents you need quickly.

Excel like search filter and search operators

In Tina5s, search results are presented in a grid and ranked so that the document you are looking for is usually at or near the top. But if your search is too broad, and you don’t immediately find the document you are looking for on the first page, no problem – you can use Tina5s' Excel-like grouping, sorting and filtering features to refine and quickly find the document you are after.

Quickly refine your search
Create and manage relationships

Search via document links and relationships

Tina5s allows you to create and manage relationships between your project documents which helps you quickly find the specific document you are looking for. Your project documents are all related to one another: contracts lead to specification documents which result in design drawings.

Search via document hierarchy and see where used

Trees add another dimension to your document relationships. With Tina5s, you can create hierarchies of documents and navigate up and down the chain to quickly locate the files you are looking for. You can also see the documents that your file is related to which also helps you find the documents you need.

Create trees and see where used