Manage Engineering Work Packages Using Advanced Work Packaging
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Author Engineering Work Packages (EWPs)

Use Tina5s’ advanced version control (branching) and collaboration features to efficiently create EWPs in a multi-author environment.

Your Document Controllers Need These Features

Create an AWP Tree for your Project

Use Tina5s to rapidly build an AWP Tree based on the Construction Work Areas and CWPs identified during the planning stages of the project.

Link EWPs to AWP Tree

Use Tina5s to link EWPs to CWPs (managed inside or outside Tina5s) to provide context and structure within an AWP framework.

Automated Document Numbering
Automated Field Mapping

Monitor EWP Progress Until Released IFC

Use Tina5s’ dashboard capabilities to monitor EWP progress. Drill down and observe author activity and discussion traffic in real time. Track the review and release process through workflow to Released IFC.