Assess EWP readiness for construction in real time
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Link Engineering Deliverables to EWPs

Use Tina5s to collect and link all drawings, specifications and standards (engineering deliverables) that will be provided via the EWP. Link in key supporting information, like vendor data and stress reports, that may block the release of engineering deliverables.

Your Document Controllers Need These Features

Monitor Engineering Deliverable Progress

Use Tina5s' dashboarding feature to monitor the progress of the engineering deliverables, vendor data and key supporting information linked to each EWP.

Assess EWP Readiness for Construction

Tina5s automatically calculates an indicator of EWP readiness for construction. This is based on traditional EWP progress measurement methodologies (percentage of engineering deliverables released IFC) factored by the release state of supporting information blocking.

Automated Document Numbering
Automated Field Mapping

Drill Down & Pinpoint Problems Early

Use Tina5s to quickly identify the engineering deliverables and supporting information that may make an EWP late.