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Project Control Thru Collaboration & Insight

Tina5s has the features required to collect all important project information in one place and keep you informed as engineering work packages take their journey from concept to release. Check out the feature list below and this blog How to Improve Engineering Project Control for more insight.

Project Control Thru Collaboration & Insight

Design history file notes (without email)

Use Tina5s' discussion board features to keep everyone informed and record important conversations and decisions around your engineering information. Tina5s' document centric discussion board provides you with the ability to post, comment, upload incidental files and tag other documents and users in Tina5s. Tina5s makes email irrelevant.


Tina5s comes with a full chat capability that allows your team to participate in free flow real time design brainstorming. Discussion channels can be created, linked to engineering documents, are indexed and fully searchable. With your documents, discussions and chats all in one place, the information you need is never far away.


Use workflow to monitor and control project work

Steer and control your engineering documents as they move through your business processes and see where they are at using Tina5s' workflow engine. Create parallel and sequential workflows that reflect your business processes and save commonly used workflows as templates for future use. Everyone who needs to gets notified when their attention is required and you’ll know right away when things are going off track.

Project advisory and notifications

Tina5s' notification engine provides your team with the activity feed they need to control their work. Workflow, discussions and network security activities trigger automated user controllable notifications that are delivered through the browser, sync app, mobile app and email.


Project management dashboard

Tina5s leverages granular document activity information to provide project managers with useful insights into individual documents as well as comprehensive document collections that represent the outcomes of the project.

Controlled distribution and file sharing

Use Tina5s to control the sharing of engineering documents and files with customers, vendors and contractors using time sensitive links that securely lead to the files and folders you shared. Tina5s retains a detailed record of the transaction, stops email systems from getting bogged down with heavy files, eliminates the need for IT involvement and the use of FTP sites.