Create deliverable collections and monitor progress using dashboards
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Deliverable Collections (Trees)

Use Tina5s to create collections of deliverables and structure them hierarchically. These collections are relationships. In Tina5s, one deliverable may be linked to many tree collections. This eliminates the common problem of file duplication (and version uncertainty) common in file management systems.

Your Document Controllers Need These Features

Fixed and Floating Trees

Tina5s gives you the ability to configure a Tree as fixed or floating. When deliverables linked to a FLOATING Tree are revised, the Tree will always show the latest revision. When deliverables linked to a FIXED Tree are revised, the Tree will only show the revision that was initially linked.

Tree Deliverables Inside and Outside Tina5s

Tina5s' external connectors allow you to find deliverables managed in other systems inside and outside your company and link them to a Tree.

Automated Document Numbering
Automated Field Mapping

Configurable Dashboards

Use Tina5s to build dashboards that provide real time insight into deliverable activities, discussions and progress. Dashboards may be created for a single deliverable or for collections of deliverables linked to a Tree.

Drill Down, Discover, Pinpoint and Monitor

Use Tina5s' dashboarding capabilities to drill down and discover potential problem deliverables before they become real problems. Pin them to your dashboard, monitor them in real time and take early action if required.

Controlled Distribution