All together now

All together now

Tina removes barriers so that project team members get their work done no matter what device they are using, where they are located or who they work for – Tina makes joint ventures easy. During a fast paced engineering project, team members will always access the right file (up to the last save if it is still being authored) and will control and steer through dashboards and automated notifications as important discussions are unfolding or documents are making their way through the release process. Multiple authors can work on a single document under full control and files can be shared with outside parties while maintaining a bullet proof audit trail.

Quick find

Tina provides your project team with 6 ways to search, which means everyone will spend less time looking for their documents and files and more time working on them. And because they’ll always find the files they need, your team won’t waste any time recreating information that exists but can’t be found. Tina’s quick-find capabilities will make your team more productive and efficient.

Automated Control

Tina is designed to automatically take care of common document administration and control activities freeing up your team so they can focus on delivering your project. Your authors will appreciate how Tina’s file locking, sync app and version control framework work together behind the scenes to prevent inadvertent file over writes, maintain version and activity histories and preserve backups. Your Document Controllers will like how Tina always serves up the latest document templates, automatically assigns numbers and adapts access controls when authoring, releasing, distributing, revising and archiving. Your project administrators will appreciate the integrated and automated control they have over documents, users and their devices. Check out our blog What Is Document Control for more insights into the diverse range of document control challenges that Tina5s solves for.


Tina gives you detailed insight into what’s happening with your project documents and files. You’ll know which documents are being worked on by who, you’ll be able to monitor related discussions as they are happening and you’ll be able to track and control engineering documents and files as they move through your business processes. Tina provides total insight into the past and present keeping auditors and regulators happy. Tina will also provide you with the insights you need so you can take early action and reduce the risk of late delivery of your engineering document work packages.

Secure and protected

Tina5s keeps your project engineering documents and files more safe and secure than they are in a typical office environment. Your Project Administrators will be able to tightly control your team members, what they can do and which devices they use. And Tina is deployed on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure which is one of the most secure cloud computing environments available today. With advanced security features like 2 factor authentication, Tina is designed from the ground up to give you a safe and secure environment for your engineering project information.


Tina is nimble and designed to deliver value to you and your team from day 1. Trying Tina out is easy and free - it takes one minute to sign up and you’re ready to go. With our online guides and our commitment to support, you’ll soon be adding users, documents and files and your team will be up and running.