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Secure Access Control

Document control starts with the security and access control features shown below. Document control means different things to different people. Check out this blog What Is Document Control to learn more about controlling access to your documents and files.

File Security
File Security

Refined user access control to all files and documents

Tina5s provides you with the features you need to secure your files and tightly control access. File access is controlled by individual or role and you can specify exactly what users can do based on who they are and the document lifecycle state. If required, you can also configure Tina5s to provide an additional security layer by matching the user and document security attributes that you define.

Advanced device access management control

Tina5s allows you to tightly control which laptops and desktops that you synchronize to the cloud and the mobile devices that you allow into your network. If something goes sideways, you can lock the device out of your network and even remotely wipe all the files from any devices that may have been compromised.

Device Security
Network Security

Network security access control

Tina5s comes with all the user account management features you need to control system access from hiring to retiring. Accounts can be set up in minutes and users can be locked out or inactivated at any time. You can also enable two factor authentication to keep unauthorized people. All information travelling between your browser and Tina5s is protected with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.