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Document Version Control

Document control means different things to different people. Check out this blog What Is Document Control to learn more about versioning and other control considerations. Document control will remain elusive without the robust version control features shown below.

Document Version Control
Version Control Starting With File Locking

File lock enforces version control

Locking your files in Tina5s before you work on them means that you’re fully in control of any changes that you make to them. Nobody will be saving over your work, and you won’t inadvertently save over the work of your colleagues. And Tina5s provides easy and obvious insight into the lock state of every file that is being worked on.

Controlled file merge (many authors, one document)

Authoring a single large and complex engineering document is easily accomplished by multi-disciplinary teams using Tina5s' branching capabilities. Your team lead can quickly create distinct in-work branches that can be locked and worked on by different authors. Once the document is complete, the team lead can assemble the document in his branch and release it. Once released, all in-work branches will automatically become obsolete. Tina5s' branching capabilities eliminate confusion and deliver full control during a complex authoring process.

Many Authors, One Document
Merge Many Documents Into One

Merge Many Documents Into One

Sometimes two similar drawings with two unique drawing numbers exist that would be better managed under a single drawing number. Tina5s allows you to merge similar documents and collect them under a single document number all the while retaining full traceability. This feature allows companies to rationalize their engineering information improving search and eliminating confusion.

Automated file versioning and drawing revision control

Tina5s maintains a complete inventory of all versions of all files as they are authored from day one. All release point revisions and all versions created during the authoring process leading up to the release point are always available for download. Tina5s also maintains an inventory of all versions of all files uploaded during discussions and via workflow.

File, Version and Revision Automation
Activity History

Design and document activity logs

A record of who created, locked, unlocked, downloaded and shared (and more) every file (and when) in Tina5s is retained and always available. Use this information to gain the insight necessary to help you improve your processes and keep your internal and external auditors happy.

Automated Version Numbering Schema

Every version of every file in Tina5s automatically controls and assigns a version number that provides users with instant understanding of its release point, associated branch, save point and workflow step. These automatically assigned version numbers eliminate confusion and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Automated Version Numbering Schema
File Synchronization

Document and file cloud sync

Tina5s comes with a file synchronization application that automatically controls and synchronizes your desktop with the cloud. You can choose the files you’d like to synchronize – including those that your colleagues are working on or ones that you refer to often.